Consultation services

While we understand that you have been given an appointment time, we cannot guarantee that this time will be accurate due to unforeseen circumstances, medical emergencies and patients requiring a longer consultation. If you have time constraints, please inform reception staff so we can reschedule your appointment. It is always advisable to call just prior to your appointment so you can be made aware of sudden and unexpected time delays.

Please note the following will assist us in providing you with more efficient health care.

  • Please arrive 10 – 15 mins prior to your scheduled appointment.
  • Provide staff and doctors with all current and relevant test/scan results, medication and dosage.
  • Have a current referral from your doctor.
  • Details of medical history, treatments by other doctors or health professionals you received since your last visit.
  • Keep a written record of any changes or events you have noticed since your last visit, you can discuss this with your doctor during your consultation.
  • Prepare a written list of questions you may wish to ask your doctor whilst in your consultation.