About Us

Cairns Cardiology provides specialist support to your referring Practitioner by determining the optimal care program for your ongoing cardiovascular health.

Our cardiologists and support staff will perform investigative tests to diagnose and treat your cardiovascular condition.  We will provide our patients and those directly involved in their care, with awareness, understanding, education and continued support throughout the process of diagnosis and treatment.  


We offer a comprehensive range of health monitoring and patient consultation services.


Meet our team of highly trained cardiologists, who are here to help with your health needs.


Our cardiologists are trained in many procedures, so check out our list to see how we can help.


We now have offices located in Cairns, Innisfail and Atherton. Contact our main Cairns office for bookings.

Trusted by patients since 1992

Providing invasive & non-invasive cardiovascular services to patients in Far North Queensland, PNG, and the Torres Strait Islands